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The ACA’s goal is to be excessively good at doing absolutely nothing, while involving as many people as possible in the process.  We’re not sure if we’re failing miserably at it or succeeding beyond our wildest dreams.  Frankly, we don’t know the difference.

Don't ask me how i found this... or why.

"Were J J Fad and were here to rock
Rhymes like ours could never be stopped
See, thers three of us and I know were fresh
Party rockers, non-stoppers, and our names are def
See, the J is for just, the other for jammi
The F is for fresh, A and D def
Behind the turntables is DJ Train
Mixi and scratch' is the name of the game "

J.J. Fad - Supersonic
posted by Adam 7/12/2005 02:17:00 PM

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