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The ACA’s goal is to be excessively good at doing absolutely nothing, while involving as many people as possible in the process.  We’re not sure if we’re failing miserably at it or succeeding beyond our wildest dreams.  Frankly, we don’t know the difference.

Wondering why ACA management had to downgrade to basic cable in the ACA offices this month? It's because I blew 4 months of our budget on GEEK BOY SERVICES.

"Cool chicks will take you shopping, pick out your clothes, and discuss the ins and outs of the city with you. What kinds of girls do you want to meet? What kind of music do you like? We'll guide you into the inner bowels of San Francisco nightlife - we've been here for years and we know what's up, and we want to help you. There's a shortage of hip boys for urban chicks to date, so we're actively seeking to speed this painful process along.

Here's the deal, you commit to spending seven hundred dollars of your money on clothes and shoes for yourself. You pay us three hundred dollars." (haha... ok... we can probably stop there)

posted by Adam 1/22/2004 12:29:00 PM

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