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The ACA’s goal is to be excessively good at doing absolutely nothing, while involving as many people as possible in the process.  We’re not sure if we’re failing miserably at it or succeeding beyond our wildest dreams.  Frankly, we don’t know the difference.

Hey ACA Fans! If you're feeling nostalgic, why not check out the ACA's new "History" section for a look back at the highs and lows of our storied timeline. Or if you feel like blowing your paycheck on something useless, check out the "Merchandise" page and our new "Wanna-Be Trucker Hat" that all the loser kids are talking about. Don't forget... a 200 character write up under a new merchandise item counts as a real Update!

Adam's Crappy Attempt
posted by Adam 11/22/2003 01:07:00 PM

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