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wow! this site tells you what's playing on any radio station in the country at any given time. it's a curse, if you ask me! I mean Funky Col Medina is playing on WRPQ in Krapton, West Missouri and here i am on the crummy ol east coast. lotta good this does me.

i do kinda like their useless mobile access feature, though. say you're walking to your car across a parking lot. you're wondering what you'll be listening to the second you start your car. so you break out your cell phone, and punch up this site. (charges may apply) then bang! you know it's gonna be the ataris "boys of summer" cover, a whole 2 seconds before you get in! Of course, there was like an 80% chance it was gonna be "boys of summer" anyway.

i guess it's also cool to freak out your friends. offer to give someone aa ride somewhere, then start singing "desperado". they'll look at you a little funny, so give em a little wink. then when you get in the car and "desperado" starts playing they'll be totally freaked out. i mean... you listen to a station that would play desperado! and you just winked at them. they should be freaked out! ok... that's all i got.

Radio right now
posted by Adam 9/23/2003 03:16:00 PM

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