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OK I know you guys have been trying to figure this out too.. but how much should you tip the chick behind the counter on your $4,50 Mocha Chai Half-Caf Soy Iced Latee? Personally I'm a fan of $.00... according to this post they make an average of $3.50 an hour on tips!!! That's Retarted. They take your order then move to the next one.. I mean seriously whould you tip the counter guy at McD's? It's the same thing people.

Ok so maybe I'm bitter because I made $3.50 a hour at my old job. Anyway, an interetsing debate...

Starbucks Gossip: Tipping debate: How much should you tip for a cup of coffee?
posted by mike 8/26/2004 10:16:00 AM

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