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These guys will make a mix tape based off of any topic!Tiny Mix Tapes

This one is pretty good:
Songs to Sing "Lalala" Along To

requested by: chris sutter
compiled by: beet red sinner

note from beet red sinner: more or less a shiny happy pop mix. enjoy!

01. The Beach Boys - "Good Vibrations" (Smiley Smile)
02. Minnie Riperton - "Lovin' You" (Perfect Angel)
03. Kylie Minogue - "Can't Get You Out Of My Head" (Fever)
04. Eminem - "Without Me" (The Eminem Show)
05. Suede - "Beautiful Ones" (Coming Up)
06. Pulp - "I Spy" (Different Class)
07. The Smiths - "Sheila Take A Bow" (Louder Than Bombs)
08. Bright Eyes - "Laura Laurent" (Lifted...)
09. The Kinks - "Lola" (Lola vs. the Powerman & the Money-Go-Round, Pt. 1)
10. The Polyphonic Spree - "La La" (The Beginning Stages Of)
11. Iggy Pop - "The Passenger" (Lust For Life)
12. Weezer - "You Gave Your Love To Me Softly" (B-side)
posted by mike 12/19/2003 06:33:00 PM

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