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The ACA’s goal is to be excessively good at doing absolutely nothing, while involving as many people as possible in the process.  We’re not sure if we’re failing miserably at it or succeeding beyond our wildest dreams.  Frankly, we don’t know the difference.

More Google Fun
This could be trouble, Googleshare tells you the % share a given person (or thing) has of a given statement

right now here's some interesting results
tom kelley has a 0.01% googleshare of "boston" (the only one out of all of us)

aca has a 0.08% googleshare of "snappy"
but mca has a 0.41% googleshare of "snappy"!!!
even dca has a 0.12% googleshare of "snappy"
I think this once and for all proves the ACA is Snappy but not as snappy as Dave's Crappy Attempt

In terms of "nice guy Dave" some interesting results
dave has a 2.25% googleshare of "nice guy"
mike has a 3.25% googleshare of "nice guy"
adam only has a 1.38% googleshare of "nice guy"
and pat has a 0.93% googleshare of "nice guy"
so maybe I really am nice guy.. and Dave is Kinda nice guy Dave.. interesting stuff!!!

posted by mike 5/22/2003 11:55:00 AM

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