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The ACA’s goal is to be excessively good at doing absolutely nothing, while involving as many people as possible in the process.  We’re not sure if we’re failing miserably at it or succeeding beyond our wildest dreams.  Frankly, we don’t know the difference.

Finally a magazine for all of us. While reading the Washington Post, I wandered onto a story about Modern Drunkard Magazine This is quite a find

Check out the story on The Zen of Drinking Alone - Use booze to discover your inner monkey quite similar to the ACA's story on Monkeys.

Other Gems are The Etiquette of Vomiting and Forty Ounces of Fury! Who knew Mickey's was no available in 9oz and 40oz size!

Also of note is the "propoganda" Section. If only the ACA could have more of these communist funnies!
posted by mike 5/06/2003 10:45:00 AM

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